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API documentation has been released beforehand

The Xerberus API is not yet fully operational. Because of this you are unable to create API credentials via Xerberus Admin panel. We will attempt to release this feature as soon as possible.

The Xerberus API is built using REST architecture style. It has resource-oriented URL's with all requests returning HTTP response codes as well as JSON. Resources use basic HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

API address:

You are required to request an access token via a CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET combination with which you can access resources. You can create your own API credentials via your Xerberus control panel at the Settings page.

Access token have a lifetime of 60 minutes after which you are required to request a new one.

This documentation contains instructions on how to request access tokens from the /token URI as well as how to use this token in future requests. We attempt to attach both curl and PHP examples to all URI representations.