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Game Data

Game data is additional game related information which can be added to tournaments, contestants, match rounds and other tournament related items.

Example: A map, hero or race can be game data.

Adding game data

Before game data can be used in tournaments it needs to be added to the approriate Game.

  • Navigate to Games (/admin/games) and click the [Create Game Data] button in the upper menu which will land you to /admin/games/edit_data.
  • Select a game, and give the data a name in singular form. Example: Map. Hero. Race.
  • Check the Contestant related data box if the data you are adding is given to a contestant such as a hero class.
  • Next, fill out the values the game data can have.
    • For a Map data in Counter-Strike the values would be map names such as de_dust2 and de_inferno etc.
    • For a hero class in Hearthstone the values would be Warrior, Mage etc.
    • For a race in StarCraft the values would be Zerg, Protoss, Terran.


Each game data is related only to one Game. If multiple games have the same Data attribute, Map for instance, it needs to be added for each game individually.

Using game data

Once game data and values have been added to a game, they are instantly available in a tournament for the same game.


When adding a score to a match via the admin interface or user interface, each round has all the game data related to the game in question selectable. For example if a Map has been added for the game, each round has drop down list of all the Map values.