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Player licenses

Licenses via extensions

We have built an extension inside Xerberus which allows third party provider license services and attachment of licenses onto user profiles. In addition to this there is an ability to verify the ownership of said license when players sign up for tournaments.

One of the first license services installed inside Xerberus is the Finnish Esports Federation's (SEUL), Player's license or natively known as Pelaajalisenssi, which is hosted by SuomiSport. In the year 2018 the name of this license is ESM 2018 / Pelaajalisenssi.

ESM 2018 / Pelaajalisenssi

The player license is attached to user accounts by either verifying their email address or phone number. This email address or phone number needs to be the same as with which said player license was registered with when ordered.

Your email address or phone number will be confirmed by sending you a confirmation code either by email or via text message.

Verifying a player license

  1. If you've registered inside Xerberus App with the same email address with which you registered for your player license, the system automatically attaches the license to your user account. To confirm this, please visit your Profile page where you will find a section titled Player licenses, and you should see a confirmation dialog.
  2. If this has not happened, you need to look for the Player Licenses field inside your profile page. Input your email address or phone number, with which you registered for the license, into the input field with the title being the licence's name, and press the Arrow button next to it.
    1. If the system finds your license you will be prompted to insert your verification code, which has been sent to you via email or text message. Once you've received this code and inputted it press again on the Arrow button to verify your license. You should now see a verification notification.
    2. If for some reason the system does not find your license you will be notified of this below the input field.