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Xerberus is a multisite platform and uses a single user database. Your user account is system wide meaning you can use the same user account to log in to any Xerberus website.


If you have already registered an account for Xerberus, when you log in to another website you will be prompted to allow the site to save you as it's user. This means the website can see you as it's user but no one can alter your profile information but you.

To register as a user you can click a visible Register button anywhere on the website to navigate to the registration form or by inserting the following /users/register path to your web browser's address bar.


Alternatively you can click a visible Login button anywhere on the website after which you can click a visible Register link below the Log in button.

The registration form will be asking you to fill out the following information:

  • Email address - This will work as your username
  • Name - Your full name or a partial one.
  • Nickname - Your working nickname
  • Country - Your nationality
  • Password - Your log in password

Some of this information will be used to display your user profile across various pages including Tournaments.

After you have submitted the registration form, you will be prompted to accept an invitation sent to your Email address. You have 48 hours to accept this invitation before your inactive user account will be removed from the system.


Open registration is an option for any website. If you do not see a Register link or can't navigate to /users/register it means the website has not allowed users to register.


Xerberus Applications does not share it's user data with anyone. However as Xerberus is a website platform capable of hosting multiple websites it is up to each website to create a Privacy Policy to notify you of their user data handling policies. Xerberus Applications does not hold itself liable to these policies or is responsible for your user data being traded to third parties from these websites. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy

Registering using third party platforms

You can also register using the following social media platforms by clicking the Register with... buttons below the registration form:

  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

You will be redirected to said service's log in site, where you may be prompted to allow the app to read your profile data.


Xerberus only reads your email address, and possibly your full name if available, nothing more.

After you have successfully logged in using your selected platform, you will be redirected back to the website which will automatically log you in.

As you have now registered using a third party platform you will always have to log in using a platform which uses the same email address as your new Xerberus user account.

You can however update your user account, via your profile page, to create a password for Xerberus, which you can use to log in without a third party platform. You can still log in using that provider if you want to.