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Tickets via extensions

We have built an extension inside Xerberus which allows tickets and ticket codes to be saved for a site and attached to user profiles. In addition to this there is an ability to verify the ownership of said ticket type when players sign up for tournaments.

Tickets also give out information about your computer seat to administrators which is useful in BYOC format tournaments.

Full release package coming soon

For the time being tickets are manually installed by system administrators. We are working on a full release package to allow site admins to input tickets and ticket codes into the system.

Verifying a ticket code

  1. Visit your Profile page where you will find a section titled Player licenses & computer seats. Navigate to this page and you should see a confirmation dialog for Computer seat.
  2. Input your ticket code into the input field and press the Arrow button next to it.
    1. If the system finds your ticket code valid, it will be attached to your profile.
    2. If for some reason the system does not find your ticket code valid you will be notified of this below the input field.