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Teams consist of multiple players grouped under the same name. With a team you can sign up for Tournaments with a team game.

Create a team

You can create a team by either clicking a visible Create a team button anywhere on the website. This button is also located at your Profile editing page. Look for a field called My teams.

To create a team you must input the following information to the form:

  • Team name
  • Game
  • Add yourself as a player or not

Adding yourself as a player,

If you consider yourself a manager instead of a player, you can choose to create a team and add players to it, rather than participate as a player yourself. This means that you will hold the ownership of this team and you are able to manage it's players, and sign the team up for tournaments but you are not counted as one of it's players.


The owner, or captain of the team is the only one with the rights to do the following:

  • Sign the team up for tournaments
  • Cancel sign ups
  • Insert, invite and remove players
  • Enter results for matches
  • Start a conflict

Later on the captain will also be the one handling map-vetos and communications with the opposing team, using the platform.


As of version 1.08 teams can now have managers as well. Managers have the same permissions as a captain but they are not counted as a player unless they are marked as a Captain aswell.


As of version 1.08 teams can now also add in substitutes. Substitutes are not counted in the player count when teams are checking in on a tournament.

If you want a player to be counted, remove the Substitute flag.

Select an active team

To select an active team with which you can sign up for tournaments, you must either click a visible Flag icon inside your user menu (sidebar), or by entering your team's profile page and clicking a visible Select as active button anywhere on the page.


You must be logged in and the captain of the team to execute this action


There are a two types of members a team can have:

  • Real members
  • Virtual members

The distinct difference here is that a Real member is a Xerberus user, who has a user account and a profile. This member has been invited into the team via an invite and his information comes from his user profile which he himself controls.

A virtual member does not have a user account and is solely controlled by the captain of the team. You are able to create a virtual member by clicking a visible Add member button inside the Team edit page.

Virtual members are supposed to reflect real members for members who do not wish to register as a Xerberus user.

When you create a virtual member you must enter the player's name, nickname game account id and country information. If you do not enter this information the team might be flagged for not having enough players to participate in team tournaments.

Signing up for a tournament

There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled when a team is signing up for tournaments. These include the following:

  • Captain - Only the owner of the team, or captain, can sign the team up for tournaments.
  • Licenses - If the tournament requires a player license, all members must be real members with licenses attached to their accounts.
  • Size - The team must have the minimum number of players, virtual or real, as required by the tournament's game.
  • Game account id's - All members must have valid game account id's saved.