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Tournament sign up

Tournaments have two possible types:

  • Open
  • Closed

An Open tournament usually has a sign up period and a check-in period. After the check-in has ended the tournament should start.

When the sign up period is open, players can log in and sign up for the tournament. If players have already signed up and the check-in opens, players can mark themselves present and ready to play.

A closed tournament does not have open sign up meaning users can't sign up for it. Admins are responsible for sign ups and adding contestants to the tournament and validating all information.


  • You are unable to see the [Sign up] button if the tournament Game is a team game and you do not have a team.
  • If you cancel your sign up after the sign up period has ended you are unable to sign back in.
  • If the tournament has already been filled (max contestants) you will automatically be placed in a queue.

We recommend check-in to end very close to the Tournament start time, meaning you have a short period during which you can add contestants to groups or brackets and start the very first match.

The sign up process

Players can only sign up for a tournament if the following items are valid:


  • Sign up must not have ended.
  • Contestant or all Team members must possess the Player License required by the tournament.
  • Contestant or all Team members must have a valid account ID if validation is required by the Tournament.
  • If the Tournament has already been filled (maximum contestants) you will be placed on a queue.

Team games:

  • Only the Team captain can sign up for a Tournament.
  • Team must be created and selected active.
  • Team must have the required number of members required by the Game.


At the moment only Steam ID's and tags can be validated (loosely). Account ID's are visible to admins and we expect users to not falsify these records.


As of version 1.08 teams can now set a Manager, Captain and Substitutes separately. Neither substitutes, or managers, are counted in the player count when teams are checking in on a tournament. If your captain is also your manager, please check both roles in your team player edit page so that you are counted in as a player. Captains have equal permissions to managers when it comes to the team.

The check-in process

You are able to mark yourself Ready to play once the check-in has started, and you have signed yourself to the tournament. You should see a [Ready to play!] button in the tournament's Information page, next to the previous [Sign up] button.


If you have been placed on the queue, meaning that the tournament has reached it's max contestants and you have signed up after this, you still have the opportunity to participate. This is why it is recommended to still check-in.

If a participating contestant fails to check-in on time admins can remove that contestant from the list in which the first queued contestant will be pushed up the list and be added as a participant to the tournament.